My name is Steve Jones. I have worked in UK and international wildlife conservation for around fifteen years.


In this blog, I’ll be writing about wild nature – in other words, those parts of the world we chose to leave aside for nature to do its thing. Hence the title – Natural Areas.

There’s a passionate debate, often heated, about how best to keep or make space for nature.

Some argue that it’s best to acknowledge that the human enterprise has spread across much of the planet’s land and sea surface, and that we should look to accommodate nature within these humanised land and sea scapes.

Others argue that we should concentrate human land uses in some areas and set aside and protect other areas for nature.

I argue that we actively pursue both approaches and should continue to do so. But, having worked to accommodate nature in farmed and urban areas for much of my life, here I’ll focus more on those areas set aside, where nature takes priority.

I have strong opinions about how best to conserve wild nature, and I’ll be expressing them in this blog. You may well not agree with all or some of what I say, and I encourage you to challenge me, because I love a good debate!